Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm still learning this blogging process. Tried to see how the comments thing works. Commented on my own work. Oops!

Coming Soon

The next Johnny Vic book will be on its way to the publisher next week. Finally. In it, you'll read about lost treasure in Vermont and Johnny Vic's first crush. By the way, she goes back in time with him and together with a third friend, they'll find that lost pirate's treasure! The second story (same book: Johnny Vic's Plymouth Adventures) revolves around the First Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims. It contains the whole story, and includes some info that may be new to you. If you did not arrive at this blog from my website, I hope you'll log on. It contains pictures of me, my husband and dogs, and pictures from library and school projects, not to mention a fun page for kids. Just google Want to order one of my books from Amazon? Here are the links: Travel With Johnny Vic or Johnny Vic's Nautical Adventures, it's: For "The Seed" the Amazon link is: When you purchase from either of these sites, a portion of the cost goes to, a worthwhile organization that promotes exactly what Johnny Vic was created for!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Thought you might like to read a few lines from, Johnny Vic's Plymouth Adventures . . . to be released in the near future. In this scene, a Vermont student who (in real life) won second place in the Calvin Coolidge Essay Contest, gets accidentally transported back to 1927 with Johnny Vic while he's searching the Coolidge Homestead grounds.
"Lost treasure, here I come!" Patrick exclaimed. He finally had the chance to look for the lost treasure that Ernest had told him about--lost treasure that was hidden near the Calvin Coolidge Homestead. When he realized the Homestead was near the site of the treasure (according to Ernest, the old man next door) he talked his parents into renting a cottage near the historic site. His dad was so happy to see his son's enthusiastic interest in history, he found the cabin right away. And Patrick? He was finally free to get extra credit for school and to explore the countryside for Captain Jasper's long lost loot! According to Ernest, Captain Jasper was the last real pirate to plunder the American coastline. He had stolen a fortune in jewels and gold from the Princess Penelope, and while some of the treasure had been recovered, the fabulous pearl necklace dubbed "Princess Penelope's Precious Pearls" had never been found. "It's waiting for me," Patrick said. "All of it! The pearls and the gold!"

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hey, there's a great group of Moms out there, who want to promote good books and positive messages about our American Heritage! Just the ticket for Johnny Vic and John Victor! Find them at, We'll soon be creating an affiliate commitment, offering a portion of proceeds from sales of my books to their group. Going to order one of my books? Mention!

Johnny Vic Book Number 3, coming soon!

Hey, it's done! Well, the stories are done. Now there's just a bit of editing. Entitled, "Johnny Vic's Plymouth Adventures," it's got everything readers expect to find in Johnny Vic adventure stories: there's lost treasure (pirate treasure in Plymouth, Vermont!), new people to meet (like Squanto and Governor Bradford at the First Thankstiving, in Plymouth, MA), and hapless friends who travel back thru time by accident with Johnny Vic. AND, also, it has directions for making your own Nine Men's Morris game . . . it's one that Pilgrim children played. Happy reading . . . this summer!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Great Testimonial

Just had to pop in to let you know about a terrifffic message I received a few days ago. A friend forwarded a message from a woman in Eldridge, Iowa, who wrote that her ten year old (now eleven), who has a.d.d. and a reading/speech delay, "was captivated by the Johnny Vic stories and he was eager to tell us (his parents) about the history and the states that are mentioned in the book." She also wrote that it was "a joyous event for a parent of a child who has always been resistant to reading." Wow. A testimonial can't get any better than that!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Johnny Vic Historical Tile Wall

You are a published author. Finally. An adult. You visit your hometown elementary school. In front of you are 19 students. Fourth graders, actually, at Ticonderoga Elementary School. You realize it's been many decades since you were a fourth grader yourself. There's a boy there, who looks like Greg, the one who loaned you his jacket so you could "go steady" (in the 1960's). And, the pretty girl on the right reminds you of Annette. There's a kid who looks a bit like your old classroom bully, too, but this one is quite polite. Well, that was my reaction, to each fourth grade class that came to hear my talk. And they were all great! What's more, their art teacher is planning to have them do colorful pictures that will be transferred onto a tile wall in the school! How cool is that? A Johnny Vic Historical Tile Wall. Partially funded by the school's PTO group, the Ticonderoga Historical Society, and members of the Class of 1969. There's going to be an open house, sponsored by the Historical Society at the Hancock House this summer. Stay tuned! (And, yes, the next Johnny Vic book will be out soon!)